Bracelet & Limeslade Bay

Bracelet is the first bay that you reach as you start to travel around the coast from Swansea Bay and around the headland of Mumbles Head. Located at the far side of Mumbles, it is the home to the lighthouse and the coastguard station.

Limeslade is a short distance away from Bracelet Bay. From Limeslade a paved footpath continues West along the side of the cliffs to Langland and Rotherslade Bays, this holds breathtaking views and takes about an hour walking.

The bays are easily reached by road and car parking facilities are ample, stretching completely around the natural curve of the limestone beach.

Bracelet Bay

Bracelet Bay is the first limestone bay after the vast expanse of Swansea Bay, it is a popular bay in Summer months offering great views towards Mumbles Lighthouse which was initially designed to alert passing ships of the dangerous Mixon Sands and Cherry Stone Rock; two massive undersea sand banks located about a kilometre off the right hand side of the beach in front of the coastguard station.

Bracelet Bay is a small rocky bay backed by a bank of pebbles along which a large fossilised coral reef may be discovered. There are lots of rock pools to explore and the sand is exposed as the tide drops. Towards low tide as the tide drops back it is possible to swim towards the left hand side of the bay, be very careful of the rocks and strong rip currents between the two islands of Mumbles Head.

At low tide there is an interesting cave to explore to the east of the beach, but please be very careful of the tide!

There is a lifeguard on patrol during peak summer months.

Mixen Sands

The Mixen Sands offer a fantastic sight at low tide when there is high surf. The Mixen’s are rarely surfed due to the strong rip current through Mumbles Head (typically a jet ski is required); however with increasing introduction of stand up paddle boarding this wave is becoming more accessible.

With the right conditions, The Mixen’s offer some of the biggest surf conditions in Wales... as well as some of the most dangerous.

On the rare occasions that the tides are especially high (and consequently especially low) the Mixon Sands can sometimes be exposed for about thirty minutes, revealing a firm stretch of yellow sand.


Limeslade is a popular beach in the Summer months, it has more sand than Bracelet and a seating area towards the top of the Bay. Limeslade would also be the launch point for the Mixes Sands.

Access and Facilities

There is a large pay and display car parks located directly in front of Bracelet Bay, there are nearby restaurants, icecream parlours and it is within a short walking distance (around 5 to 10 minutes) of Mumbles Pier which is also a popular tourist destination and includes ten pin bowling, cafes, bars and a skating rink.

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