Langland Bay

Langland Bay is a popular beach with local families; it tends to gets busy in the summer months (weather permitting). It is life guarded in high season, has a number of places to eat & toilet facilities. The car park (pay & display) is directly in front of the beach.

Rotherslade although cut off from Langland at high tide is in fact part of the same beach as Langland. Langland has a superb stretch of beach and extremely popular with sun and surfing enthusiasts. Refreshment facilities are available at both beaches, with Langland and its striped beach huts being particularly popular with families.

The bay is made up of sand and reef areas. It needs a fair sized swell to work really well; however it is becoming ever more popular with stand up paddle boarders (SUPs) one smaller swells. Due to Langland’s close proximity to Swansea it is inevitably busy here when working. It does mean that more often than not some really great surfing can be seen here. Unfortunately certain breaks are also notorious for their localism.

Beware of the rocks dotted around the bay and an outward rip that can pick up in bigger swells. Although there is a lifeguard hut manned in summer this is not a beginner wave.

Car crime has been an issue here in the past, so don't leave any valuables in your vehicle and always crook lock your steering wheel.

Wind Tide Topography Rideable swell size Crowds Consistency of surf Quality on a good day
North to Northwest is offshore, but can also hold Westerly wind conditions. Works best on mid to low tides. Needs a moderate sized swell. Rocks, rips and some localism - not for beginners. 1ft to 10ft The busiest surf location in Gower.

Surf Spot Characteristics


Langland is one of Gower’s most famous surf spots, it is popular with surfers as it is conveniently located near residential areas and because of the variety of waves that can be ridden at different tide levels. The beach has a number of reef breaks and sand breaks that can hold both rights and lefts.


Langland’s surf breaks work best in N/NW winds; however the cliffs toward the right hand side of the bay offer relative shelter when strong onshore WSW winds are blowing.


Langland is best surfed during the period two hours before to two hours after low water. If the swell is big then there is also a shore break that works mid to high tide. All the reef breaks in Langland are highly tide dependent so be sure to check timings.

Crab Island

Crab Island provides one of the best shaped and most powerful right hand waves in the country; however, many are put off by the fact that the wave breaks onto the exposed reef and the localism that accompanies the break. This is for experience surfers only. Crab Island is an excellent low tide, right hand reef break that suffers from over-crowding when good. The wave is fast with a steep drop and long ride and works best in light north westerly winds.

The Sand Bar

The sandbar situated offshore between Langland Point and Crab Island is actually a reef, which creates a powerful and dangerous wave breaking in shallow water. The wave is for experienced surfers only due to the very steep hollow take off and dangerous rips that can connect with Crab Island. The break occasionally links up with Lefts offering a nice lengthy ride.

Saga Point (a.k.a. The Sh*t Pipe)

To the west of the bay lies another reef known as Saga Point which is a slow, mellow wave for longboarding with a relaxed atmosphere.

The Reef

At mid-tide the reef located in the middle of the bay provides a fairly slow but nice fun wave. It offers both right and left hand waves as well as perhaps being the most populated waves in Gower.

The Outside Point (a.k.a Langland Point)

On large swells the outer point to the west of the bay begins to work. The wave has numerous personalities depending on swell and wind direction; it can either offer a gentle slow pealing wave or an angry dumping fast moving frenzy.

The Lefts

There is also a peak towards the left of the bay which also works around low tide. The wave offers short rides and nice hollow sections.

High Tide Beach Break

The beach can be surfed at high tide but tends to close out so rides are generally short.

Access and Facilities

A coastal path links Langland Bay to Caswell Bay to the west and to Rotherslade, Limeslade Bay and Bracelet Bay to the east. The bay is accessible by road, and is serviced by public transport for a short period during the school summer holidays; there are also two large Pay-&-Display car-parks. Hot and cold snacks are available from two small shops, though these tend to operate limited opening times during the winter and focus on ice-creams and gifts for children. Public showers are available near the beach, and a St John's Ambulance Hut and Information Office operate at peak times. There is a Surf Lifeguard service at the beach from the end of May to the beginning of September.

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