Oxwich Bay

Oxwich is a sheltered sandy beach break that works best in large winter storms, this beach can produce nice hollow surf but can vary from heavy dumping to fast pealing waves, as a general rule do not expect long rides here.

This long sandy beach is very sheltered and westerly winds provide offshore conditions. In order for Oxwich to start working the ocean swell needs to be 15ft+ with a period of at least 8 seconds, even with this swell size this will produce around a 1ft+ readable wave. During the large winter swells Oxwich does offer an option when all other breaks are too big or blow out.

If there is a wave then you'll not be short of company. Longboarders love this beach and it's not uncommon to see over a hundred surfers in the water, all fighting for their share of the waves.

There's a pay and display car park opposite the beach in summer which often opens up in winter time when the surf is good.

Wind Tide Topography Rideable swell size Crowds Consistency of surf Quality on a good day
Westerly winds are offshore. Works on all tides but mid to before high tide is best. Sand break, great for beginners and those wanting to improve. 1ft to 4ft 3 stars Rarely works, but can get busy when it does.

Surf Spot Characteristics


Hollow barrelling wave that often closes out but does provide a fun fast ride when during the very large ocean swell conditions.

Many people surf directly in front of the car park toward the right hand side of the bay; however the sand banks to the east can often produce good waves and remain relatively uncrowded.

Oxwich is a perfect bay for learning to stand up paddle board due to being so flat during the Summer months.


Caswell works best in Westerly winds.


Oxwich can be surfed at all tides but is often best on the push 2 hours before high tide. At high tide the wave can flatten off quite considerably.

Oxwich Point

Around a 30 minute walk from the main beach lies Oxwich Point, this is a shallow right hand reef that can serve up classic waves and on its day is one of the premier waves in the Gower. The inner section of the wave is hollow and shallow offering some nice barrelling sectoins.

Oxwich Point doesn't hold a crowd so it often filled with local surfers all competing to take off the deapest (closest to the rocks). This is a dangerous spot and for experienced surfer only.

The entry point is a slippery clamber over rocks smashed boards are common. Exiting the water can be tricky too and it can often be easier to do the long paddle back to the beach rather than clamber in over the rocks.

Access and Facilities

There's a pay and display car park opposite the beach.

There is a hotel located at the right hand side of the beach and in Summer months some basic toilet and tourist y food shops.

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