Port Eynon

Port Eynon Bay is one of Gower's most popular tourist beaches, this is due to in part the many caravan and campsites situated within a mile radius of the village. It has good access, plenty of parking, small shops and over a kilometre of golden sand backed by sand dunes. It is popular for all types of watersports including, diving, sailing, surfing and windsurfing, with a slipway to the beach.

It is a safe beach for swimming, but there are isolated rock patches towards the right hand side of the bay and in front of the slipway.

There is a Surf Lifeguard service at the beach from the end of May to the beginning of September.

Wind Tide Topography Rideable swell size Crowds Consistency of surf Quality on a good day
Northwest is offshore. Works on all tides but mid to high tide is best. Needs a moderate sized swell. Shingle and sand beach. Isolated rock patches toward the right of the Bay. 1ft to 6ft The busiest surf location in Gower

Surf Spot Characteristics


Port Enyon and Horton can at times hold good surf conditions, there are some of the lesser surfed locations in the Gower in part due to the bay being location in the heart of Gower and some distance from Mumbles. The bay offers left and right beach break best surfed around high tide.


Caswell works best in N/NE winds; however at high tide it is also sheltered from westerly.


Port Eynon and Horton are best surfed during the period two hours before and after high water.

Port Eynon

Port Eynon is slightly more sheltered than its neighbor Horton Beach. It needs a large south west swell to wrap around the point. The beach has left and right breaks throughout the tide, but best from to high tide. You really need optimum conditions for this beach to work well. The bay is suitable for beginners, but due to some isolated rocks located at the Port Eynon side of the bay (near the boating lane) surfing toward the middle of the bay is advised. Probably Gower's best wind surfing spot.

Port Eynon Point

This forms the start of the set of breaks typically referred to as the Gower Reefs. When it works it is amongst some of the best reef breaks in Wales.


South facing sandy bay located in the centre of the larger Port Eynon Bay. Works best at high tide on big swells.

Access and Facilities

The car park at the East end of the beach can be accessed by the road signposted Horton at the top of the hill before entering the village.There is a Surf Lifeguard service at the beach from the end of May to the beginning of September.

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