Rhossili is located at the most Western tip of the Gower Peninsula and offers some of the most fantastic views anywhere in the world.. From the cliff top car park you can walk out to worms head or down to the beach itself, the walk down takes about 10 minutes and about 15 to 20 minutes on the way back up.
Rhossili is less exposed that Llangennith offering both left and right beach breaks, the best time to surf is at high tide but it will work on all tides.
The optimum wind direction is Easter but the high cliffs offer some shelter from Southerly winds. Rhossili will always be a foot r so smaller than Llangennith but equally in larger swell can hold up better offering longer rides.

Wind Tide Topography Rideable swell size Crowds Consistency of surf Quality on a good day
East (Rhossili) to Northeast (Llangennith) is offshore. Rhossili can hold Southerly winds. Works on all tides. Due to large tidal change low and high tide can be better. Beach break. 1ft to 6ft Can get very busy but large beach so room for everyone.

Surf Spot Characteristics


Rhossili has some of Gower’s most consistent surf spots and it is popular with surfers especially those travelling down for the weekend due to the consistency of surf offered. The bay only offers beach breaks that can hold both rights and lefts but often close out.


Rhossili is best on E however the cliffs located at the southerly part of the beach offer protection from southerly winds.


The beaches are best surfed during the period two hours before to two hours after low water. The beach does work on all tides however due to the large tidal range mid tide can be slightly smaller.

Access and Facilities

Access to the beach at Rhossili is a grueling task down a paved path which can take around 10 minutes on the way down and 15 to 20 minutes on the way back up, it may also require a few rest stops.

There is no Surf Lifeguard service at the beach

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