Live Surf Reports

Our surf report area based 100% off actual wind, tidal and swell information. There are many other websites that predict what the future may or may not hold, that is not our aim at GowerLive.

Our aim is to provide the most reliable and accurate real-time surf information. Our underlying wave equations have now been running for 17 years, we base these primarily off directional swell information, local wind conditions (from Mumbles Head) as well as wave height and period collected hourly.

On the GowerLive surf reports, the colour of the blue circles next to each beach depicts the quality of the wind at that particular break. Offshore, Cross Offshore and Glassy conditions are represented with a dark blue circle and unfavourable wind conditions are represented with a light blue circle.

This real-time swell indication, detailed tide times as well as our network of webcams throughout the Gower provide a one-stop resource for surfing the Gower.

Enjoy :)