Who Is J.O.B.

Jamie O'Brien will get you one way or another. If it isn't his elastic aerial attack or his domination at the world's most dangerous piece of coral----Pipeline—it'll be his high-octane surf films or outspoken opinion on competitive surfing. Jamie's got all ends of the surfing spectrum handled. JOB is a free surfing acrobat as well as a big wave hell-man. And with his childhood sandbox located directly in front of the most recognized wave in the world, his domination in the surf world's ultimate proving ground is just beginning. Surfing the wave since he was 5 years old, Jamie's as comfortable at Pipeline as most surfers are at their local beachbreak. His local knowledge led him to one of the most prestigious titles in all of surfing: a Pipeline Masters title, which he won in 2004 and continues to excel in year after year as a wildcard. With his 2008 win at the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, Jamie became the first surfer to win a Pipe Masters, Pipeline Pro, and Backdoor Shootout titles not to mention his recent win at the 2010 Volcom Pipeline Pro. Although big wins at big waves, including Pipe and Teahupoo, show that he can compete, the Haleiwa local's focus has been on free surfing with resulting solid video parts and magazine covers. His own films, Freakside and Freakshow, which Jamie edits, produces, directs and stars in, are now staples in the surf world. By pairing together his aerial antics across the globe with a barrage of dangerous reef stunts in his backyard on the North Shore, Jamie is bound to keep people coming back for his third film, Who is JOB?